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The most visited professionally-backed parental portal focused on pregnancy and childcare in the Czech Republic

Professionally-backed portal (not only) for women over 40, focused on health, beauty and anti-aging medicine


I was inspired to write and publish books by my hyperactive son, for whom I needed quality educational books.

In this way, four books for preschool children, all in the series called ‘For Bright Sparks’, were created:

  • Rhymes (preferably ages 2-5 years, they teach children a lot of useful facts about themselves and the world around them)
  • Preschool Diaries (preschool preparation for 40 weeks, they repeat everything a child has met with in the first 6 years of their life before starting school)
  • Alphabet Cards (used to practise spelling, syllabication, letter recognition or to play memory, logic and combination games; they also expand the vocabulary of younger children)
  • How Children Come into the World (it answers preschool children´s first questions about where they, as babies, came from. The youngest reader was less than a year old and the oldest reader was 9 years old.)

Also books for teenagers:

  • What Other Girls Won´t Tell You about Sex, Make-up and Health (for girls from the age of approx. 11, but some mothers gave the book even to 8-year-olds or 9-year-olds)
  • Ten-Point-Guide for Boys on How to Deal with Puberty, Girls and Sex (for boys from the age of approx. 12)

And for adults:

  • Woman over 40 – Confident and Fit (useful expert advice for life after turning 40 including natural rejuvenation methods and advice about the approaching climacterium and menopause)
  • Healthy Pregnancy (about the most important things that can influence the physical condition of the mother and healthy development of the baby – about diet and exercise and preparation for childbirth)

Education brochures

We issue at least 25,000 brochures every year:

  • 20 Points about Pregnancy with
  • 20 Points about Child Care During the Baby’s First Six Months with

Our pilot issues:

  • Single page document “Exercises with Your Baby“– a daily evening ritual. Newly registered members will receive “Exercises“ as a PDF file via email
  • Health Prevention over 40
  • Double sided brochure, with a mirror, for teenage girls

Before founding Babyonline:

  • Educational projects design and management (printed materials or lectures) for patients with liver diseases,
    hyperlipidemia, climacterium and menopause
  • Collaboration on educational brochures for physicians

Education videos

Pregnancy video

Preschool video

on how to support child development (ages 2-7 years)

Video about anti aging

(corrective dermatology, make-up, sport)

Presentation in the media

Promotion of preschool children´s education

Promotion of sex education in the family circle

Introducing new areas of anti-aging medicine


As with our writing books, I came across this line of work by accident. In 1995, at the end of my medical studies, I wanted to start working in a hospital, but the decisive factor was whether the future doctor (myself) had a grandmother for babysitting. Since my mother died ten days after I had started medical school, I knew these doors were closed. My colleague and friend, top student in my class, solved her dilemma by deciding to have children first. This way was not for me at the time, so I set out on another path for medical graduates and started working for a pharmaceutical company.

From the very beginning, as a pharmaceutical representative, I held educational lectures for the public, where I usually had up to 100 women present 1-3 times a week, even in the smallest village. Subsequently, fate took me through a very interesting issue of clinical research to marketing.

It was there that I was most enjoyed giving practice-oriented lectures on health issues for other colleagues in the company, as well as preparing materials for patients and doctors with experts in their respective fields.

The know-how gained throughout all these years turned out to be very valuable to me in starting and managing Babyonline.


After the end of the intensive care phase of my hyperactive, son when he was about 14 and became more independent, we began to promote preschool preparation among teachers and parents in the form of A Day in the Life of a Preschooler in various places of the country.

Over time, we will add more of our topics.