Cooperation and references

I like books that are created with the utmost care in terms of both content and design. That‘s why I enjoyed collaboration with Jana Martincová, because the preparation of all the books I had the opportunity to participate in met my expectations and requirements. On top of that, Jana literally bursts with ideas and has the ability to infect her colleagues with the same enthusiasm. All her books are living proof of it!

Mgr. Věra Tautová, DiS.

teacher, translator, co-author of the books

I started working with Jana Martincová about five years ago. I greatly appreciate her professionalism and constant improvement. Thanks to her experience with giving lectures on health for the public she can design campaigns for her customers that are very effective, professional and tailor-made. Jana is very reliable, professional, kind and helpful. I admire her strong work ethic, which brings positive results very quickly and results in a job well done. I can highly recommend her to all who seek quality, efficiency and friendly cooperation.

Bc. Andrea Holásková, DiS.

marketing manager of Babyonline publishing

I want to thank Jana for inviting me to cooperate with her and thus being able to contribute to the creation of an original preschool preparation. When children enter first grade, I can always tell which child has been preparing and which hasn‘t. Also for us, teachers, working with well-prepared children is more enjoyable and the children have a feeling of success and joy right from the first days of their schooling.

Mgr. Irena Košutová

primary school teacher

Jana Martincová, M.D., the author of the Babyonline series of books, has been doing a very honourable job for the past for twelve years. In her books she deals with intimate topics important for children, teenagers, parents and educators. Funny illustrations by young artists are accompanied by young people's questions about sex life in puberty, about the importance of personal hygiene, about what role sport plays in young people's lives and, above all, about how necessary caution is when choosing a life partner. There are chapter, especially for girls, devoted to taking care of our appearance and overall refinement of both body and soul. Beauty is important for the aesthetic perception of our environment and that completes the harmony of our family life as well as our life among friends. An integral part of this harmony is above all showing respect to parents and older people. The author, a perceptive writer and a mother of two teenage children, focuses not only on both girl and boy problems, but also on how to look good and feel great even after turning 40. All books are professionally well prepared – medically, psychologically and aesthetically. They are tasteful, sweet and in no way condescending. Doctor Jana Martincová understands a child's soul and young people in the difficult period of growing up, and she can be a kind mentor to them during this time.

Mgr. Ruth Flugrová

high school teacher and proofreader of books published by Babyonline

You rarely come across a client who knows exactly what she wants and reflects your work with the highest level of professionalism! That is Jana Martincová. A professional in her field who is not afraid of innovation in educating children, teenagers and adults. Cooperation with Jana constantly offers a lot of interesting ideas and the search for new opportunities to present not only her work, but also the work of other doctors and experts. Nothing can stop this woman :)


S Janou Martincovou se známe už tak dlouho, že vlastně ani nevím jak. Každopádně vím určitě, že jsem snad nikdy nepotkal ženu, která tak naplno a efektivně využívá svůj čas a energii pro svoji práci. Do svých publikací se snaží opravdu předat jen ty nejlepší informace a rady, které nejprve konzultuje s odborníky z daných oborů. Myslím, že je na ní jasně vidět její rozhodnutí dělat vše naplno nebo vůbec.

David Viktorin

Head chef Chateau de frontiere

I very much respect doctor Martincová for her task of raising awareness of the importance of prevention in all kinds of areas. I admire her tremendous commitment to her work. I also appreciate the quality of information processing of various topics. Everything is elaborated by experts educated in their respective fields, often by doctors or other specialists. Doctor Martincová was able to convince these specialists to cooperate, and she devotes herself deeply to each topic. Thanks to this I am not afraid of unreliable information and I can always turn to this literature or highly recommend it to my clients. In her books, she tries to answer all the questions asked by her readers, which makes her a real expert. No topic is taboo for her, and she ventures into finding the best experts with the aim of interpreting her experience and professional recommendations for the general public of all ages as well as possible.

Petra Koucká, DiS.

dental hygienist

I really like working with Jana Martincová, M.D. Her approach to the issue of health is very serious, she always verifies the facts, and is not afraid to ask an expert if he really stands by his opinion. She focuses on relevant topics, not on topics of current fashion, but on those of real importance. Her focus on children's health, the issue of becoming pregnant and a healthy pregnancy is very close to me both professionally and personally.

Prof. MUDr. Pavel Trávník, DrSc.

independent scientist from REPROMEDA, a clinic for reproductive medicine and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

I have known Jana Martincová, M.D. since our grammar school years. I have always admired the genuineness with which she threw herself into all the tasks and life’s challenges, her enthusiasm, and her incredible energy of life. As a paediatrician, I am grateful that doctor Martincová founded and is very good at managing the Babyonline website. As far as I know, it is the only webpage of its kind, where at the same time opinions of various experts working with children and opinions and experiences of parents are presented, while maintaining a highly professional level. In a time full of information noise and relativization of confirmed truths by both science and practice I am very glad to be able to recommend this website to my patients' parents with confidence that they will have access to useful and truthful information there. Books by doctor Martincová are amazing – they enlighten and entertain at the same time. They also tactfully tackle topics not everyone feels comfortable talking about openly. They give answers to many questions. It is clear from her books and web portal that she has set up to create a platform that would be qualitatively on such a level to create a counterpart to today's widespread pseudo-professional opinions on anything, and to help the new generation of parents find a support and with it a little peace and joy in this turbulent time. I think that with her honesty and tenacity she has succeeded in doing so, and us users and readers are grateful to her.

MUDr. Blanka Flugerová


Jana Martincová, M.D. is a person, who truly cares about children and their general knowledge. Together with a team of experts she has done a great job and has enriched the Czech book market not only with quality books that educate our children and teenagers, but also with books that enrich the general overview of mature women and give advice to expectant mothers. She takes up each topic with vigour and great dedication, and the time she devotes to it is reflected in the quality of her work.

Mgr. Radka Krajsová

physiotherapist and co-author of the books published by Babyonline

I started working with Jana Martincová almost ten years ago. Since then I‘ve participated in several projects with her, to which she added a certain personal touch. Another reason why I give her the thumbs up is that her books, brochures and articles are simply for anyone, who wants to learn and educate themselves. They are comprehensible and full of information that can truly be applied in practice. The authenticity of her work lies not only in her choice of topics and the subsequent approach to them, but also in her ability to get various experts engaged in cooperation.

Mgr. Jana Eliášová

nutritional therapist

Great expert, perfectionist, inspirational personality and above all a wonderful and reliable friend since the first year of college.

MUDr. Petra Kubáčková

microbiologist, author of illustrations in children's books published by Babyonline

Jana Martincová, M.D. managed perfectly to unite and inspire numerous specialists of the various medical fields, who form the basis of her work, and to educate potential patients. On her website she explains, advises, helps and teaches who can and cannot do what in the healthcare industry, what to do if... She is a doctor herself as well as the author of many practical educational materials. I’m her fan and I admire her very much.

MUDr. Silvie Rafčíková, MBA

corrective dermatologist and dermatovenerologist, forensic expert in dermatology and aesthetics

Today's internet world is overwhelmed with information of varying quality and finding what can be relied upon regarding child health care is not always easy. Extraordinary diligence, enthusiasm for the subject matter, the ability to identify what‘s important and to pass the information to the target group in the right way, and of course the undeniable expertise resulting from medical qualification of Jana Martincová, M.D. are some of the reasons why other experts from various fields like to participate in her Babyonline project and try to bring useful, expertly supported advice to the public while explaining or disproving various widely circulating myths and media manipulations.

Doc. MUDr. Rastislav Maďar, Ph.D., MBA, FRCPS.

leading Czech specialist in the field of epidemiology, prevention and control of infectious diseases, hospital-acquired infections, travel and tropical medicine