Anti-aging medicine

Anti-aging medicine is certainly not me advocating that you regularly iron your face. On the contrary, it offers a huge number of possibilities, which are open to us thanks to the latest knowledge in medicine and other fields – possibilities to improve your life with a minimum of effort.

Because I need to experience things for myself to form an opinion, I keep on doing the experiments on the portal, even after finishing writing the book Woman Over 40. I perform independent experiments on myself in the field of corrective dermatology, physiotherapy, diet and others. After gaining experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, I basically do not believe any sources other than my own.

I come from a family where a lot of attention was paid to education and the spiritual side of life. But it always went hand in hand with taking care of our appearance and overall body care.

I’m glad I was brought up this way. Because caring for oneself is not only normal, but also incredibly beautiful and inspiring as it deepens the love for your body and self-understanding. It is natural to think about ourselves and to look for ways to improve both our mental and physical health, including appearance.

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