Woman over 40

I was confronted by the topic of a woman over 40 when I was 42 and I realized that while I was taking care of my children, husband and household I had completely neglected myself. I panicked that from now on it would be only a race against time and that most of my money would now go on health care.

Fortunately, I changed my mind after having received materials from many experts I had contacted. I not only read them but also, subconsciously, included them in my lifestyle. Of course, I chose only what I liked and what was easy for me to include in my life. That means maybe a tenth of all of the recommendations and advice I got. Thanks to how comprehensive they were and because they related to both body and soul, in just 4 months I had made great steos in improving my approach to life, fitness, and looks.

I have created
my woman recipe

From all the recommendations I got I have created my own recipe, which works as if it was tailored for me.

It was after the publication of the book Woman Over 40 that a new theme and journey began in my life. I became more interested in anti-ageing medicine, which isn´t only skin deep but applies to the whole body, and especially inner harmony.

I have also learned to balance my life better, which is particularly important to Libras. We need to have harmony in everything and everywhere. There is no better training than having a hyperactive son and a manager husband who is an eternal sceptic and who lists all the negatives. A husband, who lists all the negatives and risks for each idea first. Of course, he calls it a rational and realistic approach. At least there is someone to keep my feet on the ground, while I’m building castles in the air.

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