Pregnancy and childcare


After ten years of doing projects for other entities, in 2007 I plucked up my courage and founded my own – the professionally-backed parental portal full of expert articles written by professionals only (gynaecologists, paediatricians, teachers, psychologists, nutritional therapists, physiotherapists and others). In addition to the professional , at the time of my motherhood it also led to the creation of a community, when it became a refuge for me and my peers – also parents – for 10 years.


20 Points about Pregnancy is a guide not only for the 9 months before the baby is born (medical examinations and ultrasound scans during pregnancy, diet, activities, when to start looking for a paediatrician, baby equipment, maternity hospital bag checklist), but also deals with maternity and parental leave and things to take care of after childbirth. Created by gynaecologists and obstetricians.

20 Points about ChildCare During the Baby’s First Six Months is a valuable guide for parents ranging from taking the baby home from maternity hospital through to the first vaccination, bathing, baby care, breastfeeding and the transition to mixed feeding, to the essentials for your first aid kit. Written by paediatricians.

In total, over 600,000 of these brochures have been published and distributed by doctors since the end of 2008.

Healthy pregnancy

A book about the most important things for the healthy development of the baby – about exercise and nutrition. It includes 16 amazing recipes, photographed step by step, created by a nutritional therapist and prepared by a leading Czech chef in the field of fine dining.

Englisth version

The health care for pregnant women and babies in the Czech Republic is of such high quality that it bears comparison with anywhere in the world. It even exceeds health care standards in pregnancy, many other developed countries because it is accessible to every expectant mother and to every child.

The English version of we are about to release is for:

  • Foreign workers in the Czech Republic so that they know how part of the health care in this country works
  • Mums abroad, for inspiration of what top-quality care looks like
  • Mums in this country to realize how well they and their children are taken care of here. At least my children and I were at the time, that’s why it’s good to archive everything since it is only a matter of time before we lose this treasure as a result of the state’s burdensome bureaucracy making the work of doctors more difficult and a hostile education system, in which doctors are gradually being transformed into medical labourers/slaves.

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