Positive lifestyle

I don’t write much about that, because it’s better to live it.

Each of us has a mantra. To achieve my positive lifestyle, I managed to keep things to a minimum, with my “Holy Trinity”:

  • moderation
  • a holistic approach
  • the mind above all

I prefer quality in everything I do. I don’t do and can’t do things superficially and poorly myself. I’m a maximalist. If what I do can be great, why make it mediocre? I take no part in the cult of mediocrity that is so widespread nowadays. It brings joy neither in work nor in life.

I am also grateful for the value system that my parents passed on to me. These values have been and I hope they will continue to be important to me:

  • freedom
  • health
  • family
  • education

I’m sure you’ll find a lot of fragments of my hygge (the ability to see beauty in every moment), in all the books and projects me and my amazing colleagues have created. I didn’t work on any of them alone; I was on a team of other enthusiasts. Although a great idea is often born in the mind of an exceptional individual, we can only bring it to life in a team.

We’ll see if I write something about my hygge some day. Similarly, whether I ever write up my son’s ADHD, which is such an intense part of my life, or my sister’s rare genetic disease, which shortened her life immensely. Who knows? That is what is so adventurously beautiful about life, that we never know where we are going. But if we let ourselves be guided not only by the brain but also by our senses, we won’t go astray.

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